OnePlus launches OxygenOS, a custom version of Android Lollipop for the OnePlus One

oneplusone 9215
Florence Ion

After missing another deadline, the long-awaited OxygenOS is finally here for the OnePlus One.

A video walkthrough gives us a peek at the extra toppings sprinkled atop this version of Android Lollipop, OnePlus' custom ROM for its flagship phone. Visually, this is no drastic reimagining of the stock Android experience. OnePlus sticks with Material Design and the same default app layout you would see on a device like the Nexus 6.

You can grab the update from OnePlus right now.


OxygenOS includes a feature called "off-screen gestures," which allows you to double tap to wake the device or launch the camera by drawing a circle. You also can fire up the flashlight by drawing a "V."

While OnePlus has irritated owners for its tendency to miss its OS update deadlines, the company should be commended for sticking close to stock Android with OxygenOS. Lollipop is already beautiful and feature rich; it doesn't need an excessive amount of tinkering. It's a lesson that Samsung is also finally learning with its Galaxy S6.

The story behind the story: OnePlus and Cyanogen, which partnered on the previous ROM for the OnePlus One, had a rather messy falling out late last year after Cyanogen gave Micromax exclusive rights to CyanogenMod in India. Cyanogen is busy now trying to build its own platform on top of a Google-free version of Android. 

OnePlus has responded by bringing in a new team to build OxygenOS, which is designed to add software tweaks and device optimizations to keep the OnePlus One running smoothly, while simultaneously giving OnePlus more direct control over the One's destiny. This first shot appears to be a good one, so we're interested to see what other customizations come in down the line.

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