Google News & Weather, Sheets get new feature bumps in Update Wednesday

google news app android 1
Derek Walter

The Google News and Weather app is getting some pretty solid tweaks, making it a better destination for browsing the day’s headlines.

Version 2.3 gives you the option to get notifications for breaking news alerts. You can opt to turn this setting off if you’d rather not give your phone one more reason to bug you.

google news android

Google News & Weather will now alert you about breaking news and suggest articles for further reading.

There’s also a new “Suggested for You” section, which offers news that Google’s robots think you may want to read. 

The app also cleans up some of the navigation, putting some customization options in the new Settings section in the slide-out menu. You can change editions to another country, manage your preferred topics, and tweak the temperature and wind speed units.

You can wait for the update from the Play Store or grab the apk

Google also busied itself today with a couple of other small updates: Sheets is getting gradients that are conditional on the value of a cell. You can choose among two colors to differentiate them. This feature exists on the web version, but now makes its way to the Sheets Android app.

Finally, you can pour one out for the Google Finance app, which got pulled from the Play Store. It had grown stagnant, and had become redundant with the ability to get stock results and indexes right within Google search.

The story behind the story: Google News & Weather came out of nowhere recently, after not getting updated since the original Nexus One. Since then Google has been dressing it up with more features, giving you one more way to use Google services for all your needs.

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