Android Wear crosses the one million downloads threshold

lg gwatchr intro
Florence Ion

Google's Android Wear app hit the auspicious one million download mark Monday, as first reported by GigaOm, indicating just how many many be strapped to people's wrists.

The milestone jumps past last month's analyst estimate of about 720,000 Android Wear shipments, which many considered a sign that Android Wear was a flop. However, as we've seen at Mobile World Congress this week, hardware makers are just starting to get their sea legs when it comes to making good-looking watches. 

The Huawei Watch is the best one we've seen, with options for gold, silver, and black bands. Also LG's Watch Urbane has a touch of luxury with an all-metal build. Motorola is adding some personalization to its Moto 360 by letting you customize it with Moto Maker

The story behind the story: We're still in the early days of wearables, which are bound to get much more attention with a looming Apple Watch announcement. But Android fans already have a slew of solid options to choose from, and all the Mobile World Congress announcements indicate that hardware makers are only just starting to get their feet wet. Remember: Android Wear is still relatively new, though it's already come a long way from the spartan LG G Watch.

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