New Google Now card shows gas stations along your route

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The next time you're on the road you may only need to fire up Google Now to find the nearest gas station.

Google+ user Kevin McLaughlin posted a screenshot from his Nexus 5, showing a Google Now card detailing "gas stations on your route," as first reported by Android Police.

google plus gas stations Kevin McLaughlin - Google+

The new card details the location of the nearest stations while traveling.

McLaughlin offered other details in the ensuing Google+ discussion about his discovery. He said he wasn't using any Google Maps navigation features at the time, so Google Now was probably using his driving history and current direction to guess at to which stations to suggest.

He said when clicking a station, it launched Google Maps and offered navigation to that specific location.

If Google is planning a wider rollout for this feature, it would be tremendously useful for road trips or even the daily commute. You could swipe over to Google Now to check out where the nearest gas station is instead of trying to conduct a search through the Maps app.

The impact on you: Be on the lookout for this card to show up next time you're out and about—though don't do it while driving, of course. Google often pops in new Google Now cards without notice, and this one is extremely useful. It's not on Google's official list yet, but often times new cards will just appear before they get formally promoted.

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