Report: HTC One M9 test unit decoy conceals design changes, slimmed down bezel

htconeremix 2
Michael Homnick

So all of those leaked images of the forthcoming HTC One M9 are the real deal, but there’s apparently more to the story.

HTC is using a test unit decoy body to hide the true look of its newest phone, according to a report in HTCsource. While it isn’t obvious from the most recent images, the phone may feature an edge-to-edge glass panel on the front with slits for the BoomSound speakers along the bottom and top edges.

The front-facing camera will have a large, centrally positioned lens just above the display, much like the HTC Desire 826.

Even with an anti-spy body, the newest One still should have the same overall aesthetic as the previous models with an all-aluminum build, and of course prominent speaker placement.

The story behind the story: This wouldn't be the first time HTC has used a dummy body in test units. HTC must feel its new design could really impress the crowd at Mobile World Congress. That’s when we should get to see and get our hands on the company’s latest flagship. The One M8 was our favorite phone of 2014, so we have high hopes for this year’s model.

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