HTC teases One M9 in run-up to Mobile World Congress

htcone 2
Credit: Michael Homnick

The newest HTC One will soon take center stage. Whether it goes by the rumored code-name of Hima or makes it to market as the One M9, HTC certainly is ready with its newest flagship as evidenced by a press invite sent out Friday with a dreamy “utopia in progress” headline.

We’re almost certainly looking at another all-aluminum device, with HTC focused on keeping its reputation as one of the best at building phones with premium materials. The scuttlebut on specs points to a 1440 x 2560 resolution screen, or what is known as “quad HD”, though some recent rumors suggested it'll stick with a 1080p display around 5 inches. That would be just fine—quad HD doesn't make sense until you ramp up to larger screen sizes, really.

The insides should get the 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM, according to what’s been floating about in the rumor mill. On the camera front, multiple sites have reported a 20 megapixel camera on the back and 13MP on the front. Whatever it turns out, HTC could use a bump here as its low-resolution Duo Cam, while capable of some nifty effects, have been a major ding in the armor of the One M8.

The big question mark is the screen size. The One M8 has a five-inch screen, which is almost small by current flagship Android screen size standards. They could bump it up a bit to 5.2 inches like the Moto X, or go even bigger at 5.5 inches, like the LG G3.

In terms of other hardware, HTC is eyeing a larger role in the tablet space. The company has apparently decided that cheap tablets aren’t worth it, and is building two premium models. We don’t have much in terms of details, only that they’ll probably be in the eight-inch or higher category, as all those giant-sized smartphones have nearly extinguished demand for smaller tablets.

In terms of software, there’s a good chance these will launch with Android Lollipop, along with an updated version of the HTC Sense interface.

HTC built the the Nexus 9, though its rubbery backside makes it difficult to categorize as a premium slate. An HTC tablet that’s all aluminium, like one of its One line of phones, would be rather intriguing.

The story behind the story: HTC is turning itself around, recently posting a profit after a string of losses. It’s clearly working on some eye-popping gear to wow the crowds at Mobile World Congress. We’ll be in Barcelona for the March event to report back on everything we find.

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