10 holiday moments that prove you have phone addiction

the list addicted primary

You love your family, but you love your Samsung Galaxy S5 more. Although some researchers claim that smartphones make us more socially awkward, I would argue that smartphones are the only things that keep family get-togethers from being awkward. After all, when your drunk uncle starts over-sharing, you can just pretend you got an important text and retreat to the bathroom to play Temple Run.

But maybe you’re a little too addicted to your smartphone. Here are 10 things you do during the holidays that *ahem* highlight said addiction.

You plan out your data usage very carefully

the list data

You have to, because all of your relatives’ houses are somehow Wi-Fi dead zones.

The first thing you say when you arrive at your parents’ house is...

the list plugin

“WHERE CAN I PLUG THIS IN?! ...Oh, hi Mom.”

You Instagram everything

the list hashtag

#ham #holidays #dinner #snow #winter #familytime #imgoingcrazypleasesaveme

You text a bunch of random contacts...er...’friends’

the list excited

“OMG MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY HANUKKAH! I know we haven’t spoken in seven years but I hope your holidays are a blast!”

“Uh...who is this? Happy holidays to you too!”

This happens

the list phonefall

When you have a food coma, but you also want to play Angry Birds and text your college roommate.

When your little cousin asks you if he can play with your phone

the list umno

“Uhhh...this game is for adults, Danny.”

You spend at least two hours explaining texting to your mom

the list badtexting

Explaining technology to your mother is basically a holiday tradition by now.

For some reason, three bathrooms isn’t enough for seven people

the list shining


You try to use an app for everything

the list app

“Why are you even looking at a cookbook right now? There’s an app for that! We don’t need a real tree...let’s just use this tree app!”

Your mom tries to institute a ‘no phones at the table’ rule

the list killme

No, Mom. Just no. Please.

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