OnePlus One ditches its funky invite system for the holidays, lets anybody buy a phone

cyanogenphone 2
Michael Homnick

OnePlus has a radical new holiday sales strategy: They're letting you actually buy a OnePlus One.

Yes, the company's ditching its wonky invite system as a Christmas treat for anybody that hasn't been able to land one yet—though the offer comes with the obligatory “while supplies last” disclaimer, suggesting that said wonky invite system will return soon.

Not to encourage any impulse buys here, but given that there are probably some of you out there that have been eyeing this phone but haven’t scored an invite, this could be the time to pull the trigger.

Two models are available: a 16GB Silk White model for $299, and a 64GB Sandstone Black version for $349.

The impact on you at home: With Google’s Nexus program going high end with the Nexus 6, the OnePlus One is one of the few budget-friendly phones with better-than-average specs. It’s had some bugs and botched software updates, but we still found it a solid device in our review.

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