LG is giving away a free battery and charging cradle with new G3 purchase


With it’s 3,000 mAh battery, the LG G3 is known to give you great battery life. Not only that, but the battery is also removable, allowing you to swap batteries anytime you might need to. Unfortunately, not everyone has the extra cash to shell out for another battery, and LG is looking to help you out with that. Starting today through the 22nd, if you purchase an LG G3, you’ll get both an extra battery and a charging cradle for free.

In our review, the G3 managed to squeeze out over 10 hours of HD video playback during lab tests. While your mileage may vary, the G3 should easily last you all day and all night. Having a spare battery around whenever you may need it is certainly nice to have, and LG's deal will make sure you will.

If you were holding off to see what the new iPhone 6 Plus has in store before deciding on it or the G3, the decision just got a little harder. Not only is LG’s flagship narrower and slightly shorter than the 6 Plus, you certainly won’t (because you can’t replace the battery) see this type of promotion from Apple.

To redeem your new battery and charging cradle, all you’ll need to do is head over to LGG3Promo.com and fill in the form. The fine print does make mention that the package could take four to six weeks to arrive, but free is free.

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