Latest OnePlus One update kills battery life, fix is on the way

The latest OnePlus One update is causing significant battery drain. The XNPH300 build sparked a lengthy discussion thread on the CyanogenMod forums. 

The issue tracker marks the problem as resolved at 5:54 am Thursday, however it must first be tested internally and then pushed out to OnePlus One owners. Many commenters continue to post about the issue on the site, discussing various situations where battery performance has been poor.

oneplus one battery drain

Several are posting screenshots of battery issues impacting the OnePlus One.

While our overall impression of the OnePlus One was positive, this is another indication that owning the device is for those who don't mind exchanging late software updates and occasional unreliability for the elusive freedom to tinker. 

For example, the promised July update arrived August 11, bringing with it several performance fixes along with a new camera feature.

Purchasing a OnePlus One is also rather difficult. The procedure is much like joining the Masonic Lodge—you have to know someone to get in

The other method is through occasional promotions and contests. That went very badly this week when OnePlus ran a "ladies first" campaign that asked women to post a selfie, with the 50 most "well-liked" females getting an invite to buy the phone. The contest dissolved into a series of inappropriate comments by male posters and others reacting angrily to the poorly though-out effort. OnePlus later pulled the campaign and apologized.

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