10 icon packs to spruce up your boring old Android device

Feeling uninspired? Try skinning your interface with these icons packs to add some pizzazz to your home screen.

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Michael Homnick

So many icon packs, so little time.

Android L will bring with it a whole flurry of interface changes, but you don't have to wait for it to arrive to trick out your Home screen. One of the nice things about being an Android user is that you can customize the interface to your liking, whether it's through a launcher app like Themer, or through a quick icon changer like Beautiful Icon Styler.

Of course, downloading the app is the easiest part. It's actually customizing the Home screen that's a task, which is why we've put together a gallery of some of our favorite icon packs in the Google Play store.  

Let's get started. (And if you have your own favorite icon pack we didn't mention, leave us a comment!)

around full


If the LG G3's revamped interface is any indicator, round icons are all the rage these days.

The AroundFull icon pack features 1,040 high quality icons, as well as six wallpapers and support for multiple launchers. I was particularly impressed at the breadth of icons available for even some of the more obscure applications, though there are some popular apps like Digitally Imported—which is usually supported by third-party icon packs—that were left in the dust.

There is also a free version of this icon pack called AroundLite. You can try it to decide if you want to buy the full version.

Around Full ($1.53)

belleicon full

Belle UI

Belle UI is a nice free icon pack for those who want to venture into custom interface territory, but are too afraid to commit to one particular aesthetic. It features over 1260 brightly colored icons with rounded edges, and it's a relatively lightweight app package with frequent updates.

The wallpapers it comes with aren't anything to lust after, however, so don't feel bad about pairing the icons with your own backgrounds.

Belle UI (Free)



Cryten is bright and neon, and you'll probably end up having your Home screen filled to the brim with icons just to showcase all the different varieties that come as a part of this icon pack.

Cryten boasts over 50 wallpapers and 2200 different icons. I was pleasantly surprised at how many choices it offered for certain apps. If you love Angry Birds, for instance, there are eight variations for you to choose from. It's nice to have some choice in this day and age.

Cryten ($1)

bleach full


Bleach features white icons pasted against flat, rounded buttons. Its color palette looks like the paint chip wall at Home Depot and everything matches perfectly.

I like Bleach precisely because of its color offerings, but if there isn't an icon for your app you'll see a minaturized version of the app's usual icon instead. This makes some icons look weird, so you'll want to pair down your apps to only the essentials. It can also be difficult to distinguish between apps because the icons are so small. I also wasn't particularly fond of the way this icon pack handles folders.

Bleach (Free) 

lumos full


Lumos is simply one of the best icon packs in the Google Play store. It features almost 2000 different icons, a hefty library of cloud-based wallpapers, and even a FAQ with video tutorials for those unsure of how to get started skinning their interface. The simplistic icons look great on any type of background and there are icons for every letter of the alphabet, so you can easily skin icons for new apps that don't have custom icons yet.

Lumos ($2)

minimalicon full


It's so hard to live the simple smartphone life these days, which is why icon packs like Min exist. It offers just the bare minimum for every app, so if you’re not one for customizing your Home screen with flashy colors, you can stick to the essentials and eliminate all distractions.  

Min's icons are tiny and white, and look great on a simple, ombre background. You'll want to avoid anything busy, though, because it can be hard to distinguish the icons from the background.

Min (Free)

minimalism full


Hipsters and cool kids, this icon set is for you. Heck, I’m actually sporting this one on my handset right now because I’ve always wanted my life to mirror an Urban Outfitters catalog.

It’s a relatively small icon pack for now—only about 600 icons—which is a bummer because it'll cost you about a buck and a half. At least the basics are all there, like Maps and Gmail. Minimalism would look especially good against a background of your favorite Instagram photo, too. 

Minimalism ($1.45)

moonshine full


If you like to party, you'll like Moonshine. It's a vibrant and bright icon pack, and its icons are actually inspired by Android L's upcoming interface makeover. They even pair nicely with a Nexus 5 (I know, because I used this particular icon pack on a Nexus 5 for quite some time).  

Unfortunately, this is also a small icon pack, with only 400 icons available for skinning. But it's free, and it comes with a load of fun wallpapers to outfit your device.

Moonshine (Free)

morena full


I like to say "Morena" with a Spanish accent because this icon pack is basically a fiesta in an app. It comes with 2570 icons, which makes this worth the money, as well as dynamic calendar support and 21 different wallpapers. The designer behind this particular icon pack is a veteran, and has also designed the popular Flux theme for CyanogenMod users. 

Morena ($1.77)

stark full


I’m currently sporting this icon pack on my Nexus 7. All the icons are perfectly square, and it looks great on devices with large screens because the icons are so vibrant and detailed.

The icon pack features almost 2000 different icons and wallpapers to match them. The Stark pack is by the same designer who does the Lumos icon pack we mentioned earlier. (And if you really happen to miss Ice Cream Sandwich, this developer makes an icon pack to bring back that style, too.)

Stark ($1)