Samsung to investors: Don’t worry, we’re releasing even more phones

samsung galaxy mega

Samsung has had a rough go of things lately, reporting its first year-over-year profit drop in three years and a large stock sell-off by investors.

The solution? More phones, of course.

According to The Wall Street Journal Samsung senior vice president for mobile communications Kim Hyun-Joon told investors during an earnings call that one model will have a large screen (not unheard of in the world of Samsung) while the other will feature “new materials.”

A large-screen phone certainly isn’t a surprise, as Samsung makes the popular Galaxy Note 3 phablet and is expected to release the sequel within the next couple months. The promise of “new materials” matches an earlier report that Samsung was working on a higher-end version of one of its Galaxy devices to better complete with the forthcoming iPhone 6.

Kim also said during the call that Samsung will introduce more mid- and low-range devices.

Samsung is well-known for introducing a large diversity of phones and tablets, this year releasing the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Active, and Galaxy Note 3. It isn’t afraid to try practically any phone configuration, as the company also sells the Galaxy Mega, which has a 6.3-inch screen.

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