How to make Google Now reminders from your desktop browser

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Since my phone is always buried deep in the abyss that is my bag, I rarely take it out to make the reminders that I should be making on a constant basis.

Thanks to this helpful little tip from the Google Operating System Blog, there’s an easier way to make reminders for Google Now without even touching your phone. It’s so easy, I found myself making reminders for no reason other than to make a reminder.

Just use Google search

You can make a reminder either from directly within the Omnibar in the Chrome Browser, or by going to the main Google search page in any browser.

Type in your reminder, staring with "remind me..." Hit Enter, and Google will take you to a page of search results, as well as a widget for creating the reminder. Select when or where Google Now should remind you, and then click Remind me on Google Now. If you put the date or time in your original text, it will be filled out for you already in the widget. You can include locations too, provided Google already knows about them. If it knows your "work" address, you can say "remind me when I leave work to buy diapers" and get a location-based reminder.

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When it’s ready, Google Now will deliver the reminder on your phone to the Google Search app. The reminders also work with Google Now in iOS and Chrome for desktop.

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