Latest Google Play Store update is a hefty one with a few interface tweaks

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It's unlikely you'll be getting an official, stable build of Android L delivered to your mobile device any time soon, but a bevy of recent app updates should still keep you busy.

Today, Google quietly released an update to the Google Play Store. In addition to the previously announced PayPal support, this version features bigger buttons and a flurry of interface tweaks. The interface change was previously alluded to in a May 15 Google+ post by user interface engineer, Kirill Grouchnikov.

Google Play’s interface changes include new header images and an action bar area in the Play Movies & TV and Play Books section. There are also new header images when you’re posting a review: Now when you rate a game or an app, you’ll see a colorful banner rather than a plain old gray box.


Google Play Store reviews now feature colorful banners. 

App permissions lists have also been simplified down to a bare minimum. If you need more information, simply tap on a category, and Google will explain exactly what the app you’re downloading has access to. It’s easier to scan, and frankly it looks easier to digest for less tech-savvy users. 

The Google Play Store update should be rolling out to your device shortly. And if you just can't wait, Android Police has the APK available. Side load the app at your own discretion. 

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Quickly skim the permissions of any new app you download.

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