Google Keyboard update hints that you'll soon be able to shout Emoji at your phone

Florence Ion

Sorry to get your hopes up, but the Android L keyboard isn't back in the Google Play Store. You can try out some of the new features for the original Google Keyboard app, however, which got updated this week. 

Google Keyboard now supports a few new input languages, including Latin American Spanish and Indian English. The shortcut icon for voice input has also been moved to the top of the keyboard, rather than embedded below, which is helpful for those of us that have the propensity to hit the microphone icon when we’re merely trying to type out a message.

The most interesting feature, however, is that Google Keyboard is starting to support spoken emoji. Right now, it's limited to a few simple common emoji like "smiley face" and "sad face," and translates those commands into text-based emoji instead of the cute little pictures. 

googlekeyboard update

Android Police noticed text strings in the keyboard update code for hundreds of emoji, though. So soon, ifI you’re excited for a friend’s new baby and want to remind her of the wonders ahead through text message, you can simply shout out “pile of poo” and Google Keyboard will insert the little emoji in there for you.

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