Android Wear video demo: Take a look at what LG's G Watch can do

Android Wear has officially become a public-facing product—at least for the thousands of developers, journalists and industry potentates who attended Google I/O, and were able to snag either an LG G Watch or a Samsung Gear Live.

Coders use the the hardware as development platforms. I'm using the watches as review units—and my testing began last night.

The watches are already available for order on Google Play and shipping begins July 8. But for now enjoy this video of some of Android Wear's best features. I collected the G Watch directly from LG on Wednesday afternoon, and now have some initial impressions based on my brief experience with the device. 

Android Wear is far from perfect, but it suggests an important new direction in wrist wearables. Check out the video, and tweet your questions directly to @JonPhillipsSF.

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