HTC One (M8) Prime plans are said to be canned

m8 prime camera render

Rumors of the HTC One (M8) Prime have been swimming around since its Prime-less brother was released, with specs and renders of the smartphone already leaking out for the world to see. The high-end smartphone was expected to do battle with Samsung's rumored Galaxy S5 Prime and the LG G3, but according to (in)famous leaker @evleaks, development of the M8 Prime may have been suspended indefinitely.

While this is just a rumor, the HTC One (M8) Prime itself essentially was, too. And most of what we knew about the M8 Prime came from @evleaks, too. With nothing else to go on, it seems as though the Prime is dead in the water.

Even if the M8 Prime is dead, most of what would have made it special may live on in another smartphone. HTC could throw the specs of the Prime into the upcoming One Max, which is more than likely going to be announced in the coming months. 

The HTC One (M8) is still one of the best smartphones available today, besting every other Android smartphone in build quality by miles. Even if we don't get to see a M8 Prime, the company's existing portfolio is still top notch and isn't to be dismissed.

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