Minor update for T-Mobile Galaxy S5 squashes SMS bug

galaxys5 100261320 primary.idge
Credit: Mike Homnick

If you’re the owner of a T-Mobile Galaxy S5, you may be aware and highly annoyed about a particular bug that doesn’t allow you to receive all of your text messages. Reports of the bug started shortly after the smartphone was updated to build G900TUVU1ANCH, where users could only send messages and not receive them. 

Thankfully, a small update is headed to Galaxy S5 owners on T-Mobile to (hopefully) destroy the bug for good. The update is specifically for the SMS bug, as no new features are listed on the update page, only “Intermittently incoming SMS/MMS failure” is listed under the improvements section.

Between now and June 10th, the update should be rolling out OTA (over the air), though users can also update through Samsung Kies today. The 135 MB update will bring your Galaxy S5 to baseband version G900TUVU1ANE5.

For such a popular smartphone, the inability to receive text messages is a crippling bug. It might have taken more than a month for the update to be ready for users, but at least it’s finally here. 

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