Here's a helpful list of the next batch of Samsung devices to get KitKat

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Michael Homnick

Android 4.4 KitKat adoption rates are creeping upward. Unfortunately some handsets will be left behind, and if you're currently sporting an Android-powered Samsung handset that's older than the Galaxy S3 LTE version, you're out of luck. 

The intrepid Samsung news site, SamMobile, managed to obtain an internal document making the rounds at Samsung headquarters about which devices will be updated to KitKat. 

kitkat update status SamMobile

So far, only 2012's Galaxy Note II has received the update, while the Galaxy Note II LTE, Galaxy Note 3 Neo, and Galaxy S3 LTE will be updated this month. The rest of the brood will have to wait until June. Samsung notes in the fine print that the update for the regular variant of the Galaxy S3 has been canceled "due to unsolved problems." 

Bear in mind, after the phones are updated by Samsung, each carrier has to make its own package for its hardware variant (often including its own bundled apps or features) and test it. So you may have to wait several months after the dates in the chart above.

Most of last year's Galaxy S4 devices have also received the KitKat update. Verizon Wireless was one of the last "big four" carriers to do so. 

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