Samsung Knox 2.0 now available for Galaxy S5

samsung knox

Galaxy S5 owners that want to use their shiny new smartphone for business are in luck. Knox 2.0, Samsung's homemade mobile security platform, is now available globally for it's flagship smartphone. 

Some of the newly-enhanced security features in Knox 2.0 take advantage of the Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner by introducing Two-factor Biometric Authentication, requiring the user's fingerprint and a pin number. Just keep in mind that your pin might be more secure than your print

The core platform and application container of Knox has been renamed to Knox Workspace, which now includes a new dedicated application store called Marketplace for enterprise apps, along with Knox EMM and Knox Customization. Other notable features include Split-Billing, which allows both personal and professional application purchases to be calculated separately. 

JK Shin, President and CEO, Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division had this to say about the evolution of Samsung's Knox security platform: "As a result of this rapid adoption, we needed to evolve the Samsung Knox platform to directly address the ever-changing needs of the enterprise as we demonstrate our commitment to protect and respond to future enterprise mobility and security challenges.” 

If you're rocking a Galaxy S4 or other Samsung device, you don't need to run out and grab the Galaxy S5 just to get your Knox 2.0 on. The security platform has been announced for older Samsung smartphones 'in the coming months' through an OS upgrade. 

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