Samsung, HTC rumored to have flagship device follow-ups in the works

htcone rumor

If it’s one thing people like, it’s variety, and Android manufacturers certainly don’t have a shortage of that. Varying rumors and reports point to follow ups to both the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8), but each manufacturer might be going about it a different way.

Samsung is allegedly planning to launch an upgraded version of its latest flagship device. According to SamMobile, the Galaxy S5 Prime will launch in June and feature a quad-HD (2560x1440) display to help it compete against the apparent onslaught of smartphones with high-resolution displays coming to market later this summer. Rumors also suggest that the device will have a metallic finish to help give it a more premium look and feel.

Conversely, HTC is taking the affordable route with its flagship device. Engadget reports that the company’s forthcoming “M8 Ace,” which was recently teased by noted leaker @evleaks, will feature a plastic unibody finish rather than the HTC One’s signature aluminum dressing. The phone’s internal specifications will remain the same, however.

It’s interesting to see the juxtaposition of marketing philosophies between two companies in constant competition with one another, even if these products stemming from these philosophies are just rumors. Both Samsung and HTC essentially want to take the same approach to enticing consumers—offer up a version of their flagship line that reaches new customers. HTC may choose to make its high-end phones a bit more affordable, while Samsung might be planning to actually polish up its handset lineup to prove its worth in the premium space.

We don’t know for certain when either of these purported devices will show up for sale, but we’re looking forward to seeing what each manufacturer comes up with next. 

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