Samsung Galaxy S5 camera bug forces carriers to replace units

galaxys5 4
Michael Homnick

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 may be one of the hottest Android smartphones available on the market right now, but a bug in the camera software is said to be affecting some owners, rendering the application useless. The issue is large enough that carriers have begun replacing some devices.

While it seems that the majority of Galaxy S5 owners seeing the bug are on Verizon, Sprint customers are reporting similar problems as well. 

Users affected by the bug say that the camera will throw up an error when they try to launch the application. “Warning: Camera Failed” appears on the display. After that, the camera is seemingly as good as dead. A reboot or a factory reset of the smartphone will not fix the issue. 

Enough Galaxy S5 owners are seeing the problem that Verizon sent out the following tweet this morning:

Whether or not this is a software bug or a failure of the hardware itself remains to be seen. If Verizon is replacing Galaxy S5 units, it doesn’t send the best message to potential buyers of the smartphone just two weeks after its debut. 

If you’re a Galaxy S5 owner with this camera issue, it’s time to call customer service. 

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