LG G3 screenshots leak showing flat and modern design

Credit: Digital Trends

While rumors have already hinted that the upcoming LG G3 would hit the streets sooner rather than later, we now have a few screenshots of LG’s new user interface (UI) that could back up the claim. Digital Trends nabbed the screens you see above, showing off the modern UI overhaul that we can expect to see on the LG G2’s successor.

LG’s new software design brings a very flat and elegant approach, and it’s a trend that's been seen on Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and HTC’s One (M8). This simple and straightforward aesthetic is welcome, as LG’s UI designs have been boxy and unattractive at times. Now, icons look cleaner, and the notification panel looks like something you’d actually want to use. This has been a huge sore spot on LG’s smartphones, which have often looked like a busy mess.

Outside of the new icons and home screen, a screenshot shows off what could be LG’s attempt at competing with Google Now in the form of a concierge-like service. Little is known as to just how the service will operate, or if it will be limited to an application, or even widget, as you see above. Suggesting that you take an umbrella out because it's going to rain may not be the most helpful tip, but it’s fairly easy to imagine that the service will go much deeper than that. Or, it could just be a time-and-weather widget.

The original size of the screenshots are 2560x1440, which essentially confirms that LG has indeed thrown in a much higher resolution display on its next flagship device. This will make LG one of the first manufacturers to offer a Quad HD (QHD) display in a smartphone, which is exciting, even if it seems like overkill.

There’s only so much a few screenshots can tell you. Still, it makes patiently waiting for LG’s next flagship device that much harder!

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