LG G3 retail box leaks, touting gold finish and Quad HD display

lg g3 box primary
The Verge

For the past two years, LG has watched the likes of Samsung and others announce flagship handsets during the beginning of the year, saving its own flagship handsets for the middle-end of the year. Well, that may have changed, as it appears that the retail packaging of the LG G3 been spotted, making us wonder if the G3 is on the way sooner rather than later.

Spotted by The Verge, the photo below definitely looks like could indeed be the retail packaging of the upcoming LG G3, or an incredibly good fake. Apparently LG's upcoming G3 will be available in a gold color option, echoing competition from Apple, Samsung, and HTC. 

LG G3 Packaging The Verge

The Verge's shot of the alleged gold LG G3 box.

LG also confirmed to The Verge an earlier report that its next phone would feature a Quad HD 2560 x 1444 display, which doesn't surprise us at all, as unnecessary as it seems. The idea of a ridiculously high-res display on a smartphone sounds great, until you realize just how much power such a panel would likely require, and that it wouldn't really look much sharper than 1080p on a display in the 5-inch range.

Frankly, it would seem that LG looks to be in a rush to get its G2 successor on the market as soon as possible. The company may well be feeling some pressure from the likes of the recently-launched Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8), but only time will tell what LG is really cooking up.

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