Google Now may soon help you remember where you parked


Google Now is becoming the omniscient, omnipresent app that is there to help answer your questions and extend a proverbial hand when you're in a bind—like when you can't remember where you parked your car.

It happens even to the best of us, which is why Google might be planning to introduce a card that will help you find where you parked your car, whether it's in a sky-scraping parking garage or a multi-acre lot. Android Police discovered code that alludes to parking reminders. The feature is called simply "Where you parked."

nexusae0 wm parked thumb Android Police

There is no other information beyond that, save for a neat little mockup (of Android Police's design). We guess that since Google Now knows when you're driving, it'll gauge when you stop the car and pin that location for later reference. Then, a card will pop on throughout the day with walking directions back to your vehicle.

We really hope this rumor is real, but until then you can check out some of the apps in the Google Play store that offer similar functionality.

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