Motorola adds ability to snap a photo with the Moto X's volume keys

Michael Homnick

Moto X users, you know the drill: you hand your phone over to a friend to snap a photo and have to constantly remind them that they have to press the screen to snap a photo. But don't hold down! That's burst mode!

It's a common conundrum, but the latest update for Motorola users with Android 4.4.2 helps a bit. Now you can snap a photo with the volume keys and won't have to worry about trying to hold the phone steady while trying to get an action shot.

The mode also works with headsets that have built-in volume keys, though you'll still be able to touch and hold the screen to take multiple shots or drag up or down with one finger to zoom in and out.

The update is slowly rolling out to Motorola Camera users through the Google Play store. If you just can't wait for it to hit your device, you can download it yourself manually to speed up the process.

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