Google Now will let you know what's causing all that traffic on the way home


It's a Friday treat for all—sort of. Google rolled out an update to the Google Search app for Android earlier this week, but didn't go into specifics about any of its new features. It's normally hard to tell what's been updated on Google Now. You're just sort of surprised by new cards, or changes to existing cards. Fortunately, Google posted a change log in Google Play.

Those of you who have opted into Google Now will begin to see more details on the traffic incidents delaying you on the ride home. It's a depressing reminder of how often your commute is riddled with fender benders, but on the flip side you can use that information to plan another way home.

You can also set a reminder for chain commands, but Google doesn't list specifics about this feature, though it's a bit perplexing since Google Now has always been able to handle these types of requests. And just as I reported yesterday, Google added complete cricket support for those of you crazy about the bat-and-ball game.

Lastly, French and German native speakers will now be able to shout "OK Google" in their respective languages. Bon

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