Google scoops up Green Throttle Games talent in a bid to shore up Android gaming


Let's just get it out there, once and for all: Android consoles didn't turn out to be the Next Big Thing that the some fans were hoping for. Ouya, for instance, might have dominated Kickstarter with a lot of fanfare, but it continues to struggle and maintain its relevancy in mainstream gaming.

Which begs the question: what does Google want with a company that specializes in Android gaming hardware? The answer is simple, really. Google wants to take over your living room (as if it hasn't done so already). 

PandoDaily reports that Google has acquired the parts and labor of what was once Silicon Valley-based Green Throttle Games. The company launched back in late 2012, headed up by three prominent games and technology alumni: Charles Huang, who worked on Guitar Hero, and Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend, both of whom worked on the Palm Pilot.

Last year, the company launched a custom controller that syncs up to an Android device via Bluetooth. It had been criticized for arriving too late to the game with companies like OUYA already hitting the scene with its own full-fledged console, and the selection of Android-based games that work with controllers were too limited to cater to the vast gaming audience. 

With the Chromecast doing so well, and Google opening it up to third-party developers, all that seems to be missing now is some sort of gaming functionality. Let's not forget that the search giant hired Noah Falstein as its Chief Game Designer for Android Play Studio. There's likely a bigger gaming chapter in Google's future after all, and we just hope it learns from everyone else's mistakes.

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