Google Wallet now accepts loyalty cards; Android Device Manager gets security boost


Google’s been a busy bee this past week. Along with Wednesday’s surprising news that the hive was selling off its Mobility division to Lenovo, it’s also rolling out a few updates to Android’s core apps and services.

googlewallet loyaltyprogram2

First, the Android Device Manager received a minor but significant update. The service that allows you to track and wipe your device if it’s lost or stolen now lets you add a password challenge question. If, let’s say, the thief successfully turns on your device and tries to rummage through the apps, the Android Device Manager will prompt them for an answer to your carefully chosen questions. That added security element can be engaged at all times, so you’ll have to enter the word or phrase whenever you switch user accounts or launch an application.

Google Wallet also announced an update Wednesday on its official Google+ account. Now you can add loyalty cards to the app by scanning the card with the camera on your device. All of your information will automatically populate and then when that merchant is having a sale, you’ll get a notification about rewards you can claim.

Both the Google Wallet app and Android Device Manager update have started rolling out to compatible Android devices.

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