The WiFi only Sony Xperia Z Ultra stars in an FCC photo shoot, official announcement soon?

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 21 Jan 2014

Apple, Samsung, Sony, they all sell two versions of their respective tablets. WiFi only models, and models with a built-in 4G LTE modem. Now Sony’s 6.4 inch Xperia Z Ultra may have started out as a phablet, but it looks like the device is soon going to be available in a WiFi only model. Photos of the device, known by the model number SGP412, have hit the FCC of all places, so you know it’s legit. Now all we need is a price and a launch date.

When will Sony officially announce this thing? Mobile World Congress is a little over one month away, so that makes the most sense, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony simply launched this thing by publishing a press release.

How much will it cost? Good question. The Z Ultra, with a proper cellular modem inside, is an expensive device, costing nearly 700 Euros here in Finland. Most companies subtract between 100 Euros to 150 Euros between the LTE and WiFi only versions of their tablets, so I expect to see the same here. Still, let’s say best case scenario 500 Euros, that’s still an absurd amount of cash. You can buy a Nexus 7 and a Moto G for that much.

Should Sony not have release the Z Ultra to begin with? I wouldn’t go that far. I recently spent a good two weeks with the device, and I loved using it around the house. The problems only started cropping up when I had to take the phone outside. Luckily it’s freezing outside, so I can use my jacket’s breast pocket, but what happens in the summer?