Video: This is the LG G2, in full glory

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 10 Jul 2013

LG is going to hold a press conference in New York on August 7th to unveil their next flagship smartphone, the G2. Whether or not they stick the Optimus branding in there has yet to be decided. The phone will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 inside, that’s been confirmed by both LG and Qualcomm, and as for the rest of the specs, supposedly there’s a 13 megapixel camera inside with optical image stabilization, 2 GB of RAM, 5.2″ 1080p screen and the latest version of Android.

Several images of the G2 have been hitting the internet during the past few weeks, but while I was asleep last night, the mother of all leaks happened. Not only are there 10 crisp photos over at Engadget, they also have a 62 second 1080p hands-on video of the thing. Nothing new is technically revealed, though in the about screen it says the phone will have the model number LG-D803.

What are my initial reactions? I sure do hope there’s a Nexus version of this thing, because I refuse to buy or recommend LG devices with LG’s custom software. Why? LG has a terrible track record when it comes to updates, and even though they’ve made promises to change their ways … they haven’t followed through. Sorry, that’s just how I feel.