Verizon LG G3 will indeed feature removable battery, potential buyers can rest easy

BY Evan Selleck

Published 14 Jul 2014

Verizon LG G3 with removable battery

When Verizon posted their pre-order page for the LG G3, there was a small part of the listing that suggested the device would not feature a removable battery. (We didn’t list it because, well, it didn’t make any sense.) Obviously that didn’t jive well with every other iteration of the device, but obviously people think the worst, so potential buyers were saddled up with angst as they prepared for the worst possible scenario.

Admittedly, seeing a product listing that suggests a popular device might be different than every other variant is alarming, especially when it comes to handsets released by the Big Red network. With all those brands on the handset, what else might they change? The alarm from potential customers was probably in the right, but thankfully it turns out there was nothing to get angry about.

Albert Aydin, a spokesperson for Verizon, has chimed (or tweeted) into the situation, and confirmed (with a picture!) that the G3 will indeed feature a removable battery. Just like everyone else’s G3. It also looks like the listing on Verizon has been fixed, too, so that’s good news.

Obviously, having a removable battery is a strength that many Android-based device manufacturers like to point out, and considering consumers still like the option for their handsets, it is understandable why some would get upset about the potential lack of the feature.

Did you pick up an LG G3, or pre-order it?

[via @VZWalbert]