Top 5 Wallpaper Apps for Android

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 13 Nov 2016


At this point, I don’t need to sell you on just how much of a difference a really good wallpaper makes to your homescreen. If you’re the kind of person who’s dedicated to customizing and optimizing the homescreen so it works best for you (and looks the coolest to you), you already use launchers and icon packs. And finding awesome wallpapers that go along with it can be a chore (and no one wants to swipe through those 50 million wallpaper collection apps). Well, not with the apps we’ve got listed below.

1. Muzei


Muzei is the wallpaper app to rule all wallpaper apps. Literally. Some Android fans don’t give wallpapers app a shot until they add the coveted words “Muzei support” to the feature list.

If for some reason you’ve never heard or tried Muzei, here’s what it is. In the simplest terms, it’s a wallpaper switcher (by default, you’ll find some really cool wallpapers or art pieces). But that’s underselling it. The app lets you pick your sources (can be online, plugins, or downloaded wallpaper apps), then you can customize how often and when you want to switch wallpapers (you can also do it manually any time). Muzei takes care of the rest. The reason why it’s so popular is that Muzei does this one simple thing very elgantly. The transitions, are smooth. The options are power user and novice friendly.

Download: Muzei

2. Backdrops


If you want a really large collection of really cool wallpapers, provided in an app that doesn’t make you want to rage quit in 5 minutes, Backdrops is it.

The app’s design is what I like to call mature Material Design. Unlike the first wave of MD apps, it doesn’t use every single loud MD effect with bright colors everywhere. It uses the basic structures, with soothing colors, very well.

Backdrops has a wallpaper of the day. You can browse categories, star wallpapers you like. Download and quick set wallpapers.

The only annoying thing in Backdrops is the annoying thing with so many Android apps – the ads. They’re of course design to pop up every time you’re about the tap something, so you accidently tap on the ad, taking you to the Play Store or the browser.

But if you’re used to that now, Backdrops shouldn’t be an issue. Or you can pay $1.99 to upgrade and disable ads.

Download: Backdrops

3. Wallmax


Wallmax is on this list more because of its source. It brings you wallpapers from A community that’s shockingly adept at producing cool wallpapers at the highest of the resolution.

Wallmax is itself a good app for many reasons I’ve come to like Backdrops. You can sort wallpapers by resolution (all the way up to 4K), quick download and set, browse categories and more.

Download: Wallmax

4. Wxllpaper


Wxllpaper is a collection over 400 wallpaper (and growing). They’re of all sorts, but one thing that’s common is that they’re all pretty cool.

Download: wxllpaper

5. Wallsplash


Unsplash is a website where you find some of the coolest, high resolution stock photos. And they’re all free from copyrights. You’ll find photos of all kinds – portraits, landscapes, even food shots. And so many of them make really cool wallpapers.

The only gripe is that wallpapers here are all widescreen. So you’ll have to try to crop them manually and customize them in a way that looks good to you.

Download: Wallsplash

What Did We Miss?

I’m sure we missed some awesome wallpaper app that you’re really fond of? In that case, do share with us in the comments below.