Swype update brings multiple layouts, bilingual support, new theme and more

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 6 Nov 2013


SwiftKey is not the only keyboard on the Play Store getting a major update today. The folks over at Nuance Communication have released a new update for Swype that adds quite a lot of new features and enhancements.

Firstly, there are support for new keyboard modes including Split and mini, for easier typing on phablets and tablets. Secondly, and perhaps a major new feature for many, is bilingual support allowing Swype users to simultaneously use two dictionaries at once.

  • New Swype features:
  • Bilingual
  • Split and Mini keyboards for phablets
  • Punctuation prediction
  • New theme (“Blackbird”)
  • Combined secondary and tertiary menus
  • Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu
  • Accessibility support
  • Search gesture
  • Bug fixes reported by users
  • You can adjust:
  • Long-press delay
  • Vibration duration
  • Keyboard height
  • Keyboard layouts
  • Word list font size
  • -New Dragon Dictation features
  • Phrase-based, real-time results
  • Dictation language independent of keyboard language

As you can see, the update has a pretty huge change-log and adds most of the requested features from long time Swype users. Head over to the Play Store to download the update right away.