Leaked Surface Duo Demo Video Shows off ‘Peeking’ Interface

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 26 Feb 2020

Microsoft is once again trying its hands on phones. Last year Microsoft killed Windows Phone and now the company is planning to debut with an Android-powered foldable phone. We have seen a glimpse of how Microsoft’s Surface Duo looks like. The latest video clips shed light on yet another interesting Surface Duo feature.

WalkingCat has posted pictures and videos of Surface Duo on Twitter. The foldable smartphone is expected to come with peek functionality. As you can see in the video, peek functionality offers quick access to the notifications, time and other important information without having to open the device.


In all likelihood, you will be able to receive or reject a call by using peek mode. Samsung is offering a tiny display on the Galaxy Z Flip and the peek mode on the Surface Duo offers similar functionality. Meanwhile, the second video shows how the menu will expand when you open the display. The Surface Duo looks more like a tablet-smartphone hybrid and the hinges will ensure that there are no creases on the display. However, the slightly larger gap between the display halves might hamper viewing experience.

As of now, the Surface Duo seems like an impressive offering. However, earlier rumors hint that the device might be lacking in the camera department. The Surface Duo is expected to come with a single camera that is underwhelming considering the triple camera units offered on flagship smartphones.

Do you feel Microsoft will be able to stage a comeback with Surface Duo? Let us know in the comments below.