SunShine brings S-OFF to the HTC One M8 for $25

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 24 Jun 2014


When the HTC One M8 was released, some talented developers quickly found a way to gain S-OFF and unlock its bootloader without using the official bootloader tool from HTC. The exploit, however, worked only on selected variants of the One M8 and completely stopped working once HTC patched it via a software update.

In comes SunShine from some extremely talented developers like Justin Case and Beaups that can S-OFF and unlock the bootloader of the One M8 in a matter of few minutes.

There are a few pre-requisites to using SunShine though: The One M8 in question must be running a Sense based ROM and must already be rooted using Towelroot or any other exploit. Oh and you should also be willing to spend $25 from your pocket to use this tool.

Generally, these tools are released for free to the public but this time the devs have decided to charge users a nominal fee of $25 since finding these exploits takes a considerable amount of time and many devices are sacrificed during the process.

If your One M8 comes with a locked down bootloader that is not supported by HTC’s web-based unlocking tool, SunShine is worth the $25 if you eagerly want to jump into the world of custom ROMs and kernels. If you own any other HTC device, you could still try out SunShine as the website suggests it should work with other devices from the company as well.

[Via SunShine]