Spotify Lite Launches in 36 Markets With Data Limit Feature

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 9 Jul 2019

Initially launched as a beta last year, Spotify’s Lite Android app is now official and now available in over 36 countries. As the name suggests, Spotify Lite is a ‘lite’ version of the main Spotify app meant to work smoothly on low-end devices and on slow and spotty internet connection.

Spotify Lite is just under 10MB to download and it will work on all Android 4.3+ devices. The regular Spotify app can require over 100MB of space once installed.

The company claims that Spotify Lite offers almost 90 percent of the features of its main app, with only features surrounding videos and cover artist missing since they are not relevant to the core experience.

Spotify Lite features a data limit option and you will be automatically notified if you are cross to reaching that limit or have breached it.

Spotify Lite is available in certain Asian countries, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa.

Spotify Lite is not meant to act as a replacement to the primary app as it does not have the user library feature. It is instead replaced with Favorites where one can access all their saved songs, liked playlists, and more.

Download: Spotify Lite