Sony Xperia Z2 spotted in the wild (Update: UI Pictures leak)

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 Jan 2014


Sony is known to release new flagship handsets every six months. It’s last flagship handset — Xperia Z1 — was unveiled at IFA in September last year and the company is all set to unveil its successor next month at MWC. The Xperia Z2 has been going around with the codename ‘Sirius‘ and if leaks are to be believed it will sport a larger screen inside the same dimensions as the Xperia Z1. 

Today, someone over at XDA forums has managed to post some pictures of the Xperia Z2, showing off its refined chassis. The Z2/Sirius is expected to sport a Snapdragon S805 processor, 2GB of RAM and a 5.2-inch screen with an IPS display for improved viewing angles.


The design of the phone suggests that it is going to be waterproof and dust-resistant, like all the other flagship handsets from Sony in the recent past. Hopefully, Sony will also improve the 20.7MP camera sensor on the Z2 so that it does not delivers inconsistent images like the Z1 does.

@evleaks leak about the Xperia Z2 also mentioned about the handset hitting Verizon’s network sometime soon in the US after its international launch. If true, this move will help Sony in creating some brand awareness in the USA, where it has always been missing.

Update: And just a few hours later, a few pictures of the UI of the handset has leaked as well. The images don’t really show much except for a familiar looking Sony lockscreen and a very clean looking Quick Settings interface.