Rumor: Sony’s Honami will have a huge camera sensor, glass lens, totally new software

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 1 May 2013

The Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL are good devices. I’d go so far as to call them above average. But they’re not exactly the company’s best efforts. According to rumors that have been floating around the internets for the past few days, that’ll change this year with the introduction of two handsets currently code named Honami and Togari. The latter is supposed to be a massive 6.44 inch phablet, while the former will be a 5 inch imaging centric device.

VR-Zone scored some information about Honami today that deserves to be shared. They say the phone will have a “Sony 1/1.6″ Exmor RS stacked sensor”. That’s bigger than the camera sensor in Nokia’s N8, but smaller than the sensor in the ridiculous Nokia 808 PureView. A glass “Cybershot G” lens will be paired with this new sensor, along with either a Xenon flash or a super bright LED flash.

Sony is also going to completely rewrite their camera user interface, as well as the image processing algorithms, so that Honami will mimic the behavior of Sony’s dedicated Cybershot cameras. All in all, the company wants to make sure that this phone represents the pinnacle of Sony’s technical achievements.

Can they deliver? I certainly hope so, because I’m tired of having just two competent contenders.