Samsung’s In-Traffic Reply App Aims To Prevent Distracted Driving With Automated Replies

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 27 Apr 2017

In a bid to stop distracted drivers from using their phones while driving and texting, Samsung has released an app called In-Traffic Reply. The app will help drivers focus on the road instead of the text message that has just arrived.

Using the GPS on your phone, In-Traffic Reply will detect when you are driving and automatically respond to messages with “I’m driving, so I cannot answer at the moment”, a predefined custom message, or an animated image. The app will work with the likes of Facebook Messenger and other limited third-party messaging platforms as well.

Once the app is activated when you are driving, it will show a full-screen banner on the screen of your device with a stop and pause button.

In-Traffic Reply is currently in beta and it is not clear if Samsung will be releasing the app only for its Galaxy devices or all Android devices. Samsung has also not confirmed how In-Traffic Reply will work for passengers in a moving vehicle. The use of GPS will also make this app a battery hog to a certain extent.

[Via Samsung]