Samsung’s Galaxy S5 said to have 2900 mAh battery that uses a startup’s new technology

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 14 Jan 2014

Year after year, processors get faster, screens get sharper, and software becomes more advanced, but what about batteries? It’s cliché to bring it up, but batteries simply haven’t been advancing as fast as everything else in the technology industry.

One Silicon Valley startup wants to change that.

Now chances are you’ve never heard of Amprius, but according to ExtremeTech, they’ve already begun shipping batteries to smartphone makers that can hold 20% more energy than today’s best batteries. According to an anonymous leak given to PhoneArena, the Galaxy S5 will use Amprius technology. To be specific, the GS5 will have a battery that’s the same physical size as the battery in the GS4, except that this new battery will hold 2900 mAh.

But wait, it gets better.

Amprius has received $30 million in funding to get their next generation batteries off the ground. They can supposedly hold 50% more juice than today’s batteries. How exactly are they pulling this off? They’re replacing the graphite based anode in off the shelf lithium ion batteries with one made out of silicon. Best of all, Amprius doesn’t need to retool battery factories to support their technology, so existing processes that area already in place can be used to get their work out into people’s next gadgets in no time.

Whether or not this rumor turns out to be true, I highly recommend you read the story that ExtremeTech published about Amprius, their technology, and the company’s founder. It’ll give you some hope for the future of batteries, and who knows, maybe some day we’ll have smartphones that last as long as our dumbphones used to at the turn of the century.

Update: I’ve just been given the following statement from Amprius:

“Amprius denied that its high-energy, silicon anode-based batteries will appear in the Samsung Galaxy S5. The company described the PhoneArea post as entirely inaccurate.”