Samsung unveils a Titanium Silver and Pink Gold Galaxy Note 5

BY Evan Selleck

Published 15 Oct 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Pink Gold

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launched not too long ago, and its available in Blue, Gold, and White. But those color options are expanding soon.

If you live in South Korea, that is. The house that built the Galaxy brand has just unveiled a pair of new colors, Titanium Silver and Pink Gold, for the Galaxy Note 5. The Pink Gold option is scheduled to launch on Friday, October 23. The Titanium Silver option, however, is only listed as “coming soon” for now. Both devices are finding their way to South Korea to start, and there’s no word whether or not they’ll be launched in other international markets.

As far as specifications go, both devices retain the same hardware as the already available Galaxy Note 5 models.

Pricing is already in place, with the Pink Gold option only being available in the 64GB variant priced at 965,800 won, or about $860 USD. The Titanium Silver will be available in the 32GB model for 899,900 won or about $802 USD, while the 64GB model will be priced at 965,800 as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Titanium Silver

What do you think of the new colors?

[via SammyHub; Samsung]