Samsung posts stress test video for Galaxy Note 4, says it won’t bend in your back pocket even if you sit on it a lot

BY Evan Selleck

Published 2 Oct 2014

Galaxy Note 4 stress test video

The internet’s small pockets of wildfires can seem to last forever, and for “bending issues” as they relate to our smartphones, it is one fire that seemingly won’t go out. Now Samsung is making sure that, even before the Galaxy Note 4 goes on sale in the majority of regions where it will be available, you know you can sit on it.

The video below, which shows the Galaxy Note 4 going through several different stress tests (including a “human weight test), was posted to Samsung’s “SamsungTomorrow” YouTube page recently and is obviously meant as a comment towards Apple’s latest flagships, which have been put under major scrutiny for bending. While many reports have surfaced countering any claims as such, the wildfire has obviously done its damage, and Samsung is quick to ride the flames to better support its own upcoming flagship.

You can check out the video below, which runs for just under two minutes, and see just a brief glimpse of the kind of testing these smartphones go through before they’re launched into the world. It should be noted, though, that Samsung will probably see its fair share of attention as the Galaxy Note 4 launches into more markets, thanks in part to a gap around the device’s display, which the manufacturer calls a “manufacturing feature.”

[via SamsungTomorrow]