Rumor: Snapdragon 800 powered Samsung Galaxy S4 Active to launch next month in Korea

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 12 Sep 2013

Samsung is a funny company. They’ll release a million variants of their devices and proudly declare that this is a great tactic for doing market research. Meanwhile, Apple will launch just one phone every 12 months and hope for the best. Market strategies aside, let’s focus on this year’s flagship, the Galaxy S4. When it was announced, the best smartphone chip at the time was the Snapdragon 600. Today that’s no longer the case, it’s the Snapdragon 800.

So what did Samsung do? Launch a Snapdragon 800 powered Galaxy S4 in Korea. It looks like that same device will soon come to Europe as well. But what about their other S4 variants, like the S4 Active? According to the Chinese website CNMO, Samsung is planning to release an updated model of the Galaxy S4 Active that uses the Snapdragon 800 next month in South Korea. No word on whether or not it’ll be available internationally.

What makes the S4 Active different from the regular S4? Three things. One, the screen. Goodbye AMOLED, hello LCD. If you hate AMOLED, the Active is for you. Second, the camera. Want 13 megapixels? Too bad, the Active will only give you 8 megapixels. And finally third, the actual design of the device. The Active is meant to be washed under the kitchen sink, whereas the regular GS4 will start crying if you sneeze on it.

Should this new device, assuming it’s legit, surprise you? No. It’s Samsung. Come on!