PushBullet updated, adds Firefox support and lets you set custom notification dismal times

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 10 Dec 2013

PushBullet has easily become one of my favorite Android apps. Calling it app wouldn’t actually be fair since you don’t really interact with it, you simply set it and forget it. What exactly does PushBullet do? The service was built so that you can send whatever you’re looking at on your computer to your phone via an Android notification. While that’s useful, it’s PushBullet’s other main feature that I’m madly in love with: The ability to send my phone’s notifications to my laptop.

In other words, say you’re interested in a smart watch because you want to see your phone’s notifications on your wrist. Well, PushBullet does the same thing, except that the notifications are sent to your laptop. For people like me who sit in front of a computer for eight hours a day, PushBullet makes life a million times easier.

Today the app has been updated with two new features. The first is working Firefox support. All this fancy phone to laptop notification sharing has thus far only worked on Chrome. That’s now going to change. The second feature is being able to set when the notifications on your laptop disappear. Before, PushBullet notifications would pop up for just a second or two and then disappear. Now, I can set to app to show them for as long as I want or to even leave them on my screen until I manually dismiss them.

Seriously, if you aren’t using this app now, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

[Via: Android Police]