Pressy: The Kickstarter project that makes you wish your phone had more buttons, not less

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 30 Aug 2013

One of the main reasons people prefer Android over iOS is the ability to tinker with just about every part of the user experience. Don’t like the keyboard Samsung shipped with the Galaxy S4? Download a new one. Does Sense UI make you want to pour acid into your eyes? Download one of a myriad of launchers. But what about hardware mods? Enter Pressy, the Kickstarter project that aims to hack your headphone jack in order to make it execute whatever tasks you want.

Let me get this out of the way: Pressy asked for $40,000 and as of the time of this writing they’ve surpassed $130,000. In other words, this isn’t some concept that may or may not come out, this is real. So what is it? If you can’t watch the video above, picture this: The “gold” end of your headphone jack, but instead of a cable coming out, there’s an ultra discrete flat button.

Tap the button once, Pressy will do X. Twice, it’ll do Y. Three times … you get the idea. These commands are super configurable. Pressy offers the example of two short button presses to call mom, two long button presses to call dad, and one button press to quickly launch the camera and snap a photo.

Does Pressy make me wish hardware makers tacked on a “macro” button to their new smartphones so I could program it to do whatever? Personally, no, but I bet a lot of you are foaming at the mouth right now.