Portal is a new app from the developers of Pushbullet for quickly transferring large files over Wi-Fi

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 17 Jun 2015

Portal Android app

The developers of Pushbullet, an app used for quickly sharing and transferring notes, links and more between Android devices and computers, have released their new app today on Google Play today: Portal.

Portal follows an analogy similar to Pushbullet, except that it is solely meant for quickly transferring large files from your PC to your Android device easily and seamlessly.

Once you have installed the Portal app on your device, transferring files is as easy as going to portal.pushbullet.com, establishing a connection between your PC and Android device by scanning the QR code displayed on the website through the Portal Android app, and then simply dragging and dropping files to the browser window to initiate a file transfer.

Portal transfers all the files over a Wi-Fi network so they are extremely fast and don’t count against your data usage as well. In addition, the app automatically sorts the transferred files depending on their their type. For example, MP3 files are automatically saved to your music folder, while images are transferred to the appropriate folder so that they will show up in your gallery.

The app is also tightly integrated with Android, so it will show up inside the built-in file manager as well as the file picker of the OS.

It is also possible to send files via Pushbullet, but the app makes use of mobile data to do so, and it is not recommended to transfer large files using it. Portal aims to solve this problem, and wants to make transferring files between your PC and Android device a breeze.

Download: Portal (Free)