OnePlus 2 is on an open sale in India for the next two days

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 25 Nov 2015


Live in India and interested in buying the OnePlus 2? Well, the handset is on open sale in India on Amazon India for the next two days i.e. Nov 25-27.

This is the first time since the launch of the 2016 flagship killer that OnePlus has put the phone on an open sale. India is a key market for OnePlus, so its not really surprising that the company first decided to put the handset on an open sale in the country.

While invites for the OnePlus 2 have been relatively easy to come by, it still is a potential deal breaker for many people who are interested in buying the phone. By removing the invite hurdle — even though it is only for the next two days — OnePlus will be able to lure in a lot of customers who were put off by the invite system.

OnePlus does note that the open sale only runs until stocks last, so if you are interested in buying the 2016 flagship killer, make sure to pull the trigger early.

The Sandstone Black OnePlus 2 is also set to go on open sale in the United States, Europe and other markets from November 27-29.

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