Official MIUI v5 ROM released for the Nexus 5

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 31 May 2014


MIUI might not be as popular as CyanogenMod but the ROM has its fair share of followers. What makes MIUI stand out from the crowd is the level of polish it offers along with a UI that looks like a blend of iOS and Android. Thanks to its limited user base, the ROM supports only a handful of devices and it can the developers months to add support for a new device after its release. Now, the folks behind MIUI have added support for the Nexus 5 in their device roster and released the first official build for this 6-months old handset. Since this is the first release of MIUI v5 for the Nexus 5, there are a few bugs and stability issues but nothing to serious to deter you from installing it.

Some users over at MIUI forums have reported issues while flashing the ROM so make sure to update your recovery to the latest version before jumping to the installation steps.

If you are bored with the usual AOSP based ROMs for your Nexus 5, definitely make sure to check out MIUI. Head over to the download page to grab the latest release of MIUI ROM. Make sure to download and install the Google Apps package as well if you want access to the usual suite of Google apps.