Nubia’s Upcoming Android Phone Will Feature 80W Fast Charging

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 31 Jan 2020

In the recent past, Android phone manufacturers are competing with each other when it comes to superior fast charging support. Now Nubia is seemingly working on an Android phone that supports up to 80W fast charging.

The 80W figure is a big leap from the current crop of Android phones that offer 18W. However, some phones from Samsung support 45W and some phones from Oppo offer 65W. As you might have already noticed, 80W is super fast charging even after considering laptop charging speeds. In other words, Apple MacBook Pro supports charging speeds of up to 60W.

Nubia co-founder and President Ni Fei confirmed on Weibo that the new device will support charging at 9.6A/8.4V which translates to 80W. In all likelihood, the device in question might be Nubia Magic 5G which is expected to launch this year. We hope that Nubia also packs in a large battery which will complement super-fast charging support. Last year Xiaomi had teased a smartphone that supports fast charging of up to 100W.

Charging a smartphone at such a high speed is definitely not good for the lifespan of the battery. It also remains to be seen how Nubia will handle all the heat generated by transferring such a huge amount of power to the battery in such a small span of time. However, the impact on the battery is said to be very minimal and thus it outweighs the disadvantage. All said and done, fast charging often ends up being a savior. The tech comes in handy when you want to charge your device in a short period of time.